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AVCésio -> Association created by the contaminated victims of Cesium 137


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Goiânia, March 25th, 2011

It is not the first time in history that society watches with astonishment the devastating effect of a nuclear tragedy. Unfortunately, the guidelines that the world has adopted in relation to the subject tell us the tragedy in Fukushima will not be the last.

In September of 1987, the eyes of the world turned to Brazil. In the beginning, we had news of how the "success" in our (parallel) nuclear program, announcing its technological capacity to enrich uranium to 20%. Later in September the "defeat" was announced, by the nuclear catastrophe which happened to the population of Goiania caused by the radiation exposure and contamination with the radioactive element Cesium 137. As president of the AVCesio, association created by the contaminated victims of Cesium 137, I offer my condolences and solidarity to all the victims and future victims of the terror and silence that today come from Fukushima.

We know the fear that the lack of information in a crises like today in Japan causes. We know how painful are the wounds made by the brutality when panic and lack of information inflame the society. We literally suffer the agony that only radiation can cause, directly on our skin. Our properties, documents, memories, photographs, physical health, family, friends, professional relations, stuffed animals, and many others, were violently extinguished, or harmed. Our past and future was stolen because they became radioactive! For this reason, we manifest here our companion, affection, and refuge to them future and present victims of Fukushima.

Unfortunately the nuclear tragedies world-wide follow the same bad script: Little information dismissing the seriousness of the problem, "small " falsehoods in the name of the general “well-being” of the nation, distrust and international mobilization, brutality in the procedures involving victims, until the information finally reaches the local and global populations and the people can see the real dimensions of the tragedy. This overwhelming policy should not follow in vigor. Letters like these are also sad notices of incalculable damage.

We hope, and will pressure the Brazilian government to follow the example of most of the European countries that do not invest in nuclear energy or are slowing down and extinguishing there nuclear programs. The gaps, omissions and abuses in the Brazilian nuclear program are numerous and serious. Our actions, complaints, demonstrations and movements are part of that fight, in witch the victims of Fukushima have just joined.

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